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Gear Head Trail Pod LED Light Bars

Gear Head Trail Pod LED Light BarsGear Head continues to expand its RC lightbar lineup with the all new 1/10 scale Trail Pod LED Lightbars. They are available with white, amber or yellow ultra bright LEDs in a low profile CNC machined black Delrin housing. The Trail Pods are waterproof so you can run them through mud, snow and water without any worries, and they can be run on 4.5 to 6.0 volts.


  • Length: 0.89″
  • Height: 0.60″
  • Depth: 0.76″
  • GEASCA034 – Trail Pod White – $35
  • GEASCA036 – Trail Pod Amber – $35
  • GEASCA037 – Trail Pod Yellow – $35


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