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Futaba 4PLS 2.4Ghz Radio System

Futaba 4PLS RadioMeet the new Futaba 4PLS 2.4Ghz radio system! With the Futaba 4PLS hobbyists now have the choice to see their temperature, voltage and rpm data in real time or logged for future reference. Even better, these new features are included in the new 4PLS for the same price as the original 4PL! The 4PLS also features a 40 model memory, large backlit LCD screen, user adjustable alarm and dual esc mixing.

Futaba 4PLS Features:

  • T-FHSS (telemetry), FHSS and S-FHSS transmission modes
  • Telemetry for temperature, rpm, receiver voltage and external voltage
  • Digital trims
  • 40 model memory
  • 10 character model naming
  • 10 character user name
  • Large 128 x 64 dot backlit LCD display with contrast adjustment
  • Alarm (adjustable)
  • User updatable software (using CIU-2)
  • Data logging at user-settable intervals
  • 1 programmable mix
  • Gyro, dual ESC, 4WS and brake mixing
  • Assignable functions
  • Steering wheel/trigger adjustment
  • Model data transfer
  • Model copy
  • Model clear
  • Fail-safe on all channels

Futaba 4PLS Specs:

  • Availability: Late June
  • Part: FUTK1410
  • Price: $250

Futaba 4PLS Pictures:

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  1. Tima

    Tower has the Futaba 4PLS on sale for $175, so I just picked one up with the LiFe battery for $180 after coupon for anyone interested. Anyway my question is for anyone who has this radio. Looks like I can charge the pack right in the radio? And I can literally just go out and buy up to 40 receivers and use this one radio for all my cars? I know not at the same time. I used to own a Futaba 4PLS but returned because it seems the radio did not support the Fast system.

    I’m sure it’s been asked more than once, but I’m in the market for a new TX/RX set-up to control my Yeti, Wraith, and whatever else I end up with in the next couple years. As the title suggests I’m looking at the Futaba 4PLS and Airtronics (Sanwa) MT-4.

    Based on your opinions, experiences, etc., which radio would spend your hard-earned money on and why? I’m aware that the 4PLS is backlit where the MT-4 is not. There’s a kit that will fix that if it becomes an issue. I’m also aware that the Airtronics rx’s tend to be a little more costly, but it’s a price you pay if you want telemtry included. Both are at about the same price point. Not that it probably means much, but I can get the MT-4 with included telemtry sensor (built into the rx) and two servo’s for about the same price.

    OKay, this is probably a stupid question, but in looking at the rx included w/ the MT-4 (rx461), it states the nominal input voltage is 4.8-7.4V and only works with up to 2s lipo. Specifically states not to use a 3s, which I’m assuming is only a problem if I’m not running a BEC, correct? I’m running the stock Vanguard system in my Yeti and an MMP/Pro-4 in my Wraith. Both ESC’s have buil-in BEC’s, which means power coming out of either ESC will be limited to 5V, right? I have 2 airtronic mt4 and absolutely love it the lever is great for comp crawling for dig and lever is great for winch capabilities, and very easy to operate once you understand the system.

  2. griggs

    Way out of my price range but a beauty for sure.

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