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What Fuel to Use in the HPI Savage XL Octane

Unlike the nitro engines you’ve used in the past, the Savage XL Octane runs off a mixture of normal pump gasoline (petrol) and 2 stroke engine oil. It is recommended you use regular gasoline as high octane race fuel will not add power and will actually make the engine harder to start. Use good quality 2 stroke (aka 2 cycle) engine oil. You can find this oil at your local small engine shop, motorcycle dealer or hobby shop. Mix your gasoline and oil in a separate container at a ratio of 25:1, that is 25 parts gasoline to 1 part oil.

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  1. nick

    What’s the best 2 cycle motor oil for these engines? Can I use marine oil? High rpm oil for 25 to 1.

    • You’re going to find that this subject is highly debated. I think you’ll find that most guys recommend using Klotz or Maxam which you can usually find at your local motorcycle dealers. With that said, I’ve owned two large scale cars and have used everything from high dollar dirtbike oil to the cheap junk 2 cycle oil sold at walmart and have never had a problem. As for marine oil, again, you’re going to find people who say it’s a terrible idea and others who have used it without a problem. YMMV

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