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Home Offroad RC First Traxxas TRX-4 Unboxing Pictures

First Traxxas TRX-4 Unboxing Pictures

Traxxas TRX-4 First UnboxingA member of the official Traxxas forums, who goes by the username Wolfslash16, just posted the first photos we’ve seen of the recently introduced TRX-4 in the wild. The pictures reveal details not shown in the official promotional photos such as the scale inner fender wells and a couple of shots of the TRX-4 next to an SCX10 II. The owner goes on to give some of his first impressions of it including that the body is pretty heavy, the bumpers are too wide, and the shocks may be too short. However, even with those shortcomings, it sounds like he is very impressed with the truck overall. Check out the unboxing pics here and let us know if you’ll be picking one up.

“Driving it around was great, I’ve never really noticed just how limited having permanently locked diffs were until I drove the TRX-4 on carpet with the diffs unlocked, it turns on a dime! I first drove it on a 7 cell NiMh, and it was actually not that bad. The two speed is what makes it usable, having two speeds gives a better low gear for more torque and power, and switching it into high gear is great for better wheel speed and more trail speed. The locking diffs are great too, It’s fun driving it around with the diffs unlocked, it’s amazing how well it handles.

Overall, it’s awesome, but it has a few limiting factors. First, the body as suspected, weighs a ton. You can feel, and literally see the body’s weight throwing the truck around while you drive it. The TRX-4 will benefit greatly from having a body that weighs less. The front bumper is slightly too low, and it’s way too wide. It hits on a lot of stuff that you try to crawl over, and it stops you from getting a good approach angle on stuff. A narrower front bumper would help greatly to reduce that. On that note, the rear bumper is the same way. It sticks out too far, just the the SCX10 II’s rear bumper does. While it looks great, it’s tough to get up steep objects without it catching on stuff.

Lastly, the shocks. The shocks themselves are great quality; they look and feel amazing. However, I feel that they’re quite limiting to the truck. IMHO, I feel they’re too short. They’re 100 mm long, but I feel that the TRX-4 would benefit quite a lot from using longer shocks, like 105 or longer shocks. It’s amazing just how much more axle drop you get once the shock is removed. Using a shock like the RC4WD superlift’s that are 110mm long would be better IMO.

That all being said, it’s a fantastic beast, Traxxas really put a lot of work into it, it’s very well done. I can see this thing really taking off, it really puts the SCX10’s to shame for how much better this is. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this thing!”


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