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Home Offroad RC Exotek TLR 22-4 Center Spool Kit

Exotek TLR 22-4 Center Spool Kit

Exotek TLR 22-4 Center Spool Kit
Competitors of the 13.5 and 17.5 spec classes will be able to greatly reduce the rotating mass of the driveline in their TLR 22-4 2.0 RC buggies with the new Center Spool Kit from Exotek Racing. This slipper clutch lockout conversion for the 22-4 reduces weight from the 32 grams of the stock unit to just 19.75 grams. This is done by using a super lightweight titanium for the shaft and lightened polished aluminum for the locking plates which replaces the heavy stock steel shaft, slipper pads, springs and plates, all while retaining the ability to use standard TLR 22-4 gears and pulleys.


  • Part: 1789
  • Price: $35


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