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Exotek Team Associated B6/B6D Upgrades

Exotek Team Associated B6/B6D UpgradesSome say that you can tell how popular an RC car or truck is based on how many upgrades are released for it from aftermarket manufacturers. If that is the case, then the Team Associated B6 must be one hot seller because we’ve been seeing a ton of upgrades for these RC buggies. Exotek is back with even more B6/B6D upgrades including an Aluminum Rear Mount Bulkhead, Front and Rear Quick Change Shock Posts, and a pair of Lightweight Titanium Axle Shafts designed for use with the MIP Pucks system.

B6/B6D Aluminum Camber Mount
New 1 piece design means easier transmission removal because the camber links now stay in place and much more durability for reduced chances of tweaked camber or bent roll center mounting (double check that your stock camber mount is not bent by placing it on a flat object). All machined alloy threads means secure mounting and no stripped nylon threads. Includes mounting points for the after market sway bars. At 10.7gr this bulkhead is only .8gr more than the stock set.

B6/B6D Quick Change Shock Mounts
6-4 titanium for durability and lightweight (each post weights 2gr). +1mm length for the shock tower thread to accept after market thicker shock towers. Includes 2- M3 locknuts.

B6/B6D Titanium Axles
Half the weight of steel (each bone weighs 2.7gr) and twice the strength of aluminum so that you achieve a lightweight drive line but increase the durability and reduced wear and tear. +1mm length for proper diff end fit without the need of the MIP spacers at the axle means the wheel hexes do not bind up when the wheels are tightened down. Made of polished and laser etched Ti 6-4 titanium.


  • 1707 – B6/B6D Aluminum Camber Mount – $24
  • 1704 – B6/B6D Quick Change Front Shock Mounts – $15
  • 1705 – B6/B6D Quick Change Rear Shock Mounts – $15
  • 1693 – B6/B6D Titanium Axles – $23


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