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Exotek RX2 LCG 190mm RC Touring Car Body

Exotek RX2 LCG 190mm RC Touring Car BodyExotek Racing is excited to bring you the new RX2 LCG 190mm RC touring car body! Designed for aggressive and precise handling, the body will up cornering speeds with its overall lower center of gravity. This was made possible by reducing the thickness of the roof section from 0.45mm down to 0.2mm. This makes the body lighter while keeping exceptional strength in the bumper and side skirts section. As compensation for the more forward body position the body features larger and lower wing mounts to allow for a taller wing to be used while still complying with rule books. On top of this the wing mounts were reinforced for less flex and vibration and the default wing positions is 3mm further back for more effective downforce. The rear quarter panels have been narrowed as well for improved stability and less drag. The Exotek RX2 touring car body is designed to meet IFMAR body specs.


  • Part: 1685
  • Price: $23


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