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Home RC Car Parts Exotek Racing 8mm Chassis Extension For Tamiya TRF201

Exotek Racing 8mm Chassis Extension For Tamiya TRF201

Exotek Racing 8mm Chassis Extension For Tamiya TRF201If you’ve been following the 2wd off-road buggy scene lately then you’ve no doubt noticed the latest trend of 8mm chassis extensions on every new model. Thankfully for you Tamiya TRF201 owners, Exotek Racing is looking to help you stay up to date with their latest part, aTRF201 8mm chassis extension kit. It includes a machined aluminum alloy upper bulkhead which incorporates sturdy camber rod mounting points and a 7075 alloy t-plate for extra durability. The Exotek TRF201 chassis extension kit adds roughly 35 grams to the rear of the chassis in place of adding extra ballast weights. To reduce costs Exotek designed the extension to make use of the RTF201’s stock plastic, not only to reduce costs, but also to help with traction thanks to the flexibility of the stock piece. Also, unlike most other 8mm chassis extension kits, the Exotek system allows you to still make use your stock body and wing!


  • Part: #1245
  • Price: $38.95

Source: Exotek

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