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Home Offroad RC Exotek HB D413 Pro’17 Chassis Conversion Kit

Exotek HB D413 Pro’17 Chassis Conversion Kit

Exotek HB D413 Pro'17 Chassis Conversion KitUpdate your HB Racing D413 to world caliber spec’s and performance with the new Exotek Pro’17 chassis conversion set! The new conversion kit includes a +4mm 7075 aluminum chassis and machined delrin side rails that make the D413 easier to drive on all tracks. The machined center chassis uses front and rear alloy ‘back bones’ that bolt to the chassis and reinforces the chassis without the need of a top plate much like other top level buggies. Raised and angled machined side rails then bolts to the chassis for improved ground clearance, debris blocking and allows the use of velcro for body retention. Eliminating the D413’s top plate structures makes differential access much easier and eliminates the chance of broken or cracked top plates. The added weight of the chassis (+80gr) lowers center of gravity, while improving flex, making the D413 faster and more consistent over a full race.


  • Part: 1699
  • Price: $110


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