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Exotek F1R3 Pro Tamiya F103/F104 Chassis Conversion

Exotek F1R3 Pro Tamiya F103/F104 Chassis ConversionCheck out the new Exotek F1R3 Pro Chassis Conversion Kit designed for the Tamiya F103 and F104 F1 cars! Features include a premium quasi weave 2.5mm carbon fiber chassis, inline and sideways shorty lipo battery mounting options, hybrid link side link rear suspension with twin side dampers, V2 precision machined lightweight motor plates, quick position alloy servo mounts, and much more! The F1R3 chassis conversion is expected to go on sale tomorrow, check out the rest of the specs after the jump.


  • New side ways battery mounting option for increased rear grip and the reduction of the rear tires ‘diffing out’ on carpet tracks.
  • Also allows normal ‘inline’ battery mounting for quicker steering transition.
    Lipo strap ‘posts’ are shaped to snugly hold your standard shorty lipo pack in squarely and securely. Special cuts in the posts allows your esc or servo leads to pass through for a tidy layout.
  • ‘Hybrid Link’ side link suspension integrated with a flex ‘T Plate’ chassis. Using both types of suspensions in one platform means the F1R3 practically glides over bumpy surfaces without sacrificing the responsiveness and tuning of a link suspension. Superb for rubber tire racing!
  • Rear pod geometry for more progressive dampening which increases forward bite.
  • Twin side dampeners for equal left and right pod damping. Smooth machined POM inserts for silky smooth damping. Compact ball end design allows for extra suspension movement.
  • Design optimized for ‘shorty’ lipo packs.
  • Quick adjust shock end for on the fly pod droop adjustments.
  • Quick position alloy servo mounts. Allows for quick and easy Ackerman tuning as well as servo mounting without the need for servo tabs removal (low profile servo required).
  • New US made premium 2.5mm quasi weave carbon fiber is used throughout.
  • Angled side links. The triangulated angle improves suspension geometry resulting in much freer rear pod movement at extreme left right angles. Also a 2nd position is allowed for ‘straight’ links for increased mid corner steering.
  • 2 wheelbase option rear pod design. It only takes 6 screws to change the wheelbase from the standard long F104 or the shorter F103! The short wheelbase is a great tuning aid for small indoor tracks! Long wheel base equals 269mm. Short wheelbase equals 263mm.
  • New v2 precision machined lightweight motor plates. The right side insures secure motor mounting with heat sink performance while the left side allows for mounting of a fan for motor cooling. The rear pod includes spacers that allows for high or low axle height to match F104 and F103 tire heights.
  • Alloy side spring nuts for easier side spring assembly and tuning.
  • Includes Associated side pod springs. These are used to tune for steering response and pod level.
  • Lightweight but heavy duty nylon body post set included.
  • Front of the chassis is designed to accept the Exotek IFS suspension proven to be outstanding for cornering.


  • Part: 1570
  • Price: $165


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