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Exotek F1R2 IRS For F1R F1 Chassis

Exotek F1R2 IRS for F1R F1 ChassisExotek Racing is excited to introduce the new F1R2 Independent Front Suspension System designed for the F1R F1 chassis. The main issue with the standard pan car type front suspension on RC F1 cars is the very limited suspension travel. The sweet spot is only about 2mm of travel which means abrupt and non linear F1 handling. That may be fine for 600gr 1/12 pan cars but not so much for 1000gr F1 cars. With the Exotek F1R2 IFS suspension the car’s handling becomes much more linear with real body roll characteristics which means you can drive harder into a corner while maintaining stability and confident road holding performance which translates to improved overall race time results and consistency.

When first tested the Exotek F1R2 shocked the racing community with its incredible TQ setting performance with many racers comparing it to a fast and smooth touring car, able to cut and carve through corners with ease while soaking up curbing and bumps without letting up. It features droop, ride height, damper angle, spring rate, roll center, camber, and caster settings. It includes two sets of springs for low and high grip tracks.

The design fits onto the standard F104 bolt pattern but Tamiya type chassis are too narrow for the droop stop screws and the F104 servo mounting will not work. Exotek is planning on developing an IFS system for the Tamiya F104 chassis in the future.


  • Part: 1473
  • Price: $65


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