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Home RC Car Parts Exotek DEX410/DESC410 Rear Skid Plate Weight

Exotek DEX410/DESC410 Rear Skid Plate Weight

Exotek DEX410/DESC410 Rear Skid Plate WeightImprove the handling of your Team Durango DEX410 buggy or DESC410 short course truck with this rear skid plate weight set from the folks at Exotek Racing. The skid plate weight adds 24 grams to the rear of your chassis for added rear traction. It’s also designed for minimal drag thanks to it’s angled shapes and countersunk screws which help it from collecting dirt. The DEX410/DESC410 rear skid plate weight is machined from 6061 aluminum alloy and comes polished and anodized.


  • Part: 1448
  • Price: $19


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