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Home Offroad RC Exotek B4/T4/SC10 Direct Drive Spur Gear Hub

Exotek B4/T4/SC10 Direct Drive Spur Gear Hub

Exotek B4 T4 SC10 Direct Drive Spur Gear HubExotek Racing just revealed their new Direct Drive Spur Gear Hub for the Team Associated B4, T4 and SC10. The direct drive hub eliminates the vehicle’s slipper clutch assembly resulting in a lighter setup for increased acceleration and a cooler running motor. According to Exotek, the hub is perfect for stock off road racing as well as oval racing classes.


  • Part: 1379
  • Price: $14


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2 Responses

  1. elon

    wont that strip gears?

    • Paul

      It could but it really is not all direct drive.. you still have diff action so it does have give… the fast the motor you get the more stress it will cause so to me this like other slipper eliminators is meant for 21.5, 17.5 and 13,5 turn motors to reduce rotating weight.. any lower turn motor you can still use this but it will cause extra wear on the trans. Just my thoughts, hope this helps.

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