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ECX Torment Brushless RTR

ECX Torment Brushless RTR ECX just announced the availability of their Torment short course truck in a new ready to run package including a Dynamite 3300Kv 4-pole brushless motor and Dynamite brushless ESC! The ECX Torment SCT also includes a 2.4Ghz radio system, Dynamite Speedpack NiMh battery pack with high current EC3 connectors, and a set of Dynamite SpeedTreads Shootout wheels and tires. Best of all, the ECX Torment features all waterproof electronics so you can run it where ever you’d like!

The ECX Torment Short Course Truck has been one of the best handling, most durable, beginner-friendly short course trucks since its debut. The Torment adds in features aimed right at the first-time RC driver to make sure you are successful and have a great time. The motor has been upgraded to a Tazer 3300kv 4-Pole Brushless Dynamite Motor, increasing both acceleration and top speed. Short course trucks are often run in the harshest environments, and the Torment is up to the task with waterproof electronics. To also help withstand these environmental challenges are heavy-duty driveshafts, designed to transfer power from the slipper clutch-equipped transmission to the Dynamite SpeedTreads tires. A 2-amp peak detection charger gets your batteries charged in under an hour. The Torment comes with the choice of one of two different scale short course truck trim schemes that look great and make it easy to see your truck in a crowd.

The Torment SCT is fully ready-to-run, complete with all batteries needed, including the AAs. All that needs to be done is charge the battery with the included charger.The ECX Torment may be affordable, and it may be awesome looking, but it’s also super strong with a nylon composite material used throughout the chassis construction. This gives it a high strength, high durability, as well as enough flexibility to withstand the punishment it was designed for.

ECX Torment Brushless Features:

  • Completely ready-to-run with everything needed in one box
  • Preinstalled Dynamite Tazer 3300kv 4-Pole Brushless Motor
  • ECX 2.4GHz radio system
  • Preinstalled Dynamite waterproof electronic speed control with reverse
  • Dynamite 2-amp peak charger included
  • Dynamite Speedpack 2400mAh Ni-MH battery included
  • Waterproof Dynamite servo
  • Upgraded driveshafts provide additional reliability even when pushed to the limits
  • ESC and battery come pre-wired with high-current EC3 connector
  • Nylon composite chassis and parts material provide extreme durability
  • Beginner-friendly battery retaining system means there are no body clips to lose
  • Adjustable oil-filled shocks provide great handling
  • 2WD transmission with gear differential makes it reliable and efficient
  • Transmission includes an adjustable slipper clutch
  • Fully-painted and -decaled body out of the box means it’s ready-to-run and looks good
  • Dynamite SpeedTreads Shootout wheels and tires provide relentless grip

ECX Torment Brushless Specs:

  • Ground Clearance: 1.5″ (38.1mm)
  • Length: 20.0″ (508mm)
  • Track: 11.5″ (292.1mm)
  • Weight: 5.2 lbs (2.3kg)
  • Wheelbase: 13.1″ (333mm)
  • Width: 11.6″ (295mm)
  • Part: ECX03008
  • Price: $290

ECX Torment Brushless Pictures:

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  1. Jim

    $200 with a dynamite brushless sytem is a steal!

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