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Duratrax Entering RC Car Paint Market

Duratrax RC Car PaintIt looks like Duratrax is entering the RC car paint business! With the demise of Pactra, Duratrax saw the need for more RC paint options and seized the opportunity. Their new line of polycarbonate RC car paints are available in 28 different colors including metallics, pearls and fluorescents, as well as a window tint option. The paint will be offered in both 4.5oz spray cans and .5oz bottles. Check out the color palette below.

Why Duratrax RC Car Paint?
Not long ago, the leading supplier of paint blended specifically for polycarbonate RC car and truck bodies decided to discontinue production. This left a large void in the hobby marketplace and had RC modelers scrambling to find replacement paint for their projects. Duratrax decided to fill that void with a quality line of RC car paint.

How is Duratrax RC Car Paint different from the “old” paint?
Well, it’s different in some ways and not much different at all in others! We partnered with a large paint company to develop the Duratrax RC Car Paint line to closely emulate the “old” paint formulas and colors. In the process of that development we found ways to improve spray patterns and coverage.

Why a larger 4.5 oz aerosol can?
The “old” paint line came in 3.0 oz cans, the same as (or just like) our competitors’ paints. We chose the larger can for a couple reasons: 1) Being modelers ourselves, we were always frustrated that the smaller 3.0 oz can would usually not be enough paint to do a full car or truck body, so we had to buy two cans, yet only use about half of the second can. The Duratrax 4.5 oz aerosol can gives you enough paint to fully cover almost any RC car/truck body without needing to buy another can. 2) Our paint factory uses the 4.5 oz can for other OEM products as well, so our raw material and production costs are much more efficient than if we had used a smaller can. This allows us to give you added convenience and better value per ounce.

How close is the color match to the “old” paint?
Our paint factory has six chemists on staff and a modern, fully equipped lab and match department. They have worked overtime to insure the Duratrax RC Car Paint colors are matched as close as possible to the “old” paint. While we cannot guarantee a “perfect” match, we are confident that you will be very pleased with how close we’ve been able to get with almost all the colors. In some cases, the Duratrax RC Car Paint colors are more vibrant than before.

How does the Duratrax RC Car Paint perform?
The Duratrax R&D Department has been involved with the entire development process and has provided valuable input to the factory lab to make the DuraTrax RC Car paint the best it can be. The R&D guys are all RC enthusiasts and have used all the different paint brands on the market. They have found that our paint sprays very evenly and goes on smooth with great coverage. Every single color has been tested both in aerosol can and in airbrush use and passed with “flying colors” (pardon the pun!).

Is Duratrax RC Car Paint durable?
Extensive durability testing was performed over many months…in the factory lab, in our R&D Department, bashing around the back lot, and in actual on-track racing action. Failures were sent back to the lab, inspected, reformulated and tested again. Duratrax RC Car Paint has met all of our stringent requirements for adhesion and durability.

Where is Duratrax RC Car Paint made?
Duratrax RC Car Paint is made right here in the USA using raw materials sourced in the USA. All paint production is done in-house including grinding proprietary color pigments to assure quality control. Our paint factory produces specialty paints and coatings for a wide range of OEM clients, many of which are name brands that you will find in national auto parts store chains and home improvement centers. Their commitment to excellence and quality control is second to none. They have been a pleasure to work with and are excited to be involved in the hobby market.


  • DTXR4250 – Black Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4251 – Bright White Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4252 – Blue Flash Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4254 – Racing Red Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4256 – Competition Orange Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4257 – Mellow Yellow Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4258 – Rally Green Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4285 – Bright Yellow Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4286 – Brilliant Blue Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4287 – Bright Red Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4262 – Silver Streak Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4264 – Metallic Red Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4265 – Metallic Blue Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4266 – Metallic Green Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4267 – Metallic Burgundy Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4280 – Metallic Black Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4271 – Candy Red Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4272 – Candy Blue Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4273 – Candy Purple Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4276 – Pearl White Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4293 – Pearl Blue Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4290 – Base Cover Coat Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4294 – Window Tint Spray Can – $8
  • DTXR4277 – Fluorescent Red Spray Can – $11
  • DTXR4278 – Fluorescent Orange Spray Can – $11
  • DTXR4279 – Fluorescent Yellow Spray Can – $11
  • DTXR4282 – Fluorescent Blue Spray Can – $11
  • DTXR4050 – Black Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4051 – Bright White Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4052 – Blue Flash Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4054 – Racing Red Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4056 – Competition Orange Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4057 – Mellow Yellow Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4058 – Rally Green Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4085 – Bright Yellow Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4086 – Brilliant Blue Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4087 – Bright Red Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4062 – Silver Streak Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4064 – Metallic Red Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4065 – Metallic Blue Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4066 – Metallic Green Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4067 – Metallic Burgundy Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4080 – Metallic Black Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4071 – Candy Red Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4072 – Candy Blue Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4073 – Candy Purple Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4076 – Pearl White Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4093 – Pearl Blue Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4090 – Base Cover Coat Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4094 – Window Tint Bottle – $4.50
  • DTXR4077 – Fluorescent Red Bottle – $5.50
  • DTXR4078 – Fluorescent Orange Bottle – $5.50
  • DTXR4079 – Fluorescent Yellow Bottle – $5.50
  • DTXR4082 – Fluorescent Blue Bottle – $5.50
  • DTXR4068 – Thinner .5oz Bottle – $4
  • DTXR4075 – Thinner 3.5oz Bottle – $7.50


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