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Duratrax B5 HPI 5B Tires

Duratrax B5 HPI 5B TiresFrom the guys at Duratrax comes six new tires designed to fit the HPI Baja 5B 1/5 scale RC buggy! The new tires include the Bandito, which has an on-road tread pattern, Ribz, that has a ribbed pattern for directional control, Paddle, which as its name implies, is a paddle designed for sand, and the Dinero, Lockup and Six Pack, that have varying degrees of knobby tread patterns. Each of the new tires are molded in the sport compound and include foam inserts. Check out the pictures and let us know which one is your favorite.


  • DTXC5001 – Duratrax Ribz B5 Tire Front – $31
  • DTXC5002 – Duratrax Bandito B5 Tire Front – $31
  • DTXC5003 – Duratrax Lockup B5 Tire Front – $31
  • DTXC5004 – Duratrax Six Pack B5 Tire Front – $31
  • DTXC5011 – Duratrax Paddle B5 Tire Rear – $32
  • DTXC5012 – Duratrax Bandito B5 Tire Rear – $32
  • DTXC5013 – Duratrax Lockup B5 Tire Rear – $32
  • DTXC5014 – Duratrax Six Pack B5 Tire Rear – $32
  • DTXC5015 – Duratrax Dinero B5 Tire Rear – $32
  • DTXC5017 – Duratrax B5 Tire Insert Front – $9
  • DTXC5018 – Duratrax B5 Tire Insert Rear – $9


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