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Custom Chrome Parts RC Advertisement

Custom Chrome Parts RC AdvertisementIn the RC world of the 80’s and 90’s there were few things cooler than taking your run of the mill RC truck and decking it out with a ton of chrome plated goodness from Custom Chrome Parts (CCP). These guys offered nearly every single part of the Tamiya Clod Buster and Tamiya Blackfoot in chrome. Everything from the Clod’s chassis, to its bumpers, to its gear cases were available in chrome.

You’ve had a great time with your truck. It’s been fun. But it looks like everybody else’s. It needs something unique. Time for Custom Chrome Parts. They’re a great way to customize your car. Not with cheesy plastic plated parts, but with the real thing. Real chrome. Our unique process is done just like full size cars, a two step chroming process that leaves parts shiner, glossier and brighter than you’d ever imagine. See your local dealer for Custom Chrome Part and transform your car into a Gleamin’ Machine.


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