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Home Onroad RC CRC Xti Altered Ego 1/12 Pan Car

CRC Xti Altered Ego 1/12 Pan Car

CRC Xti Altered Ego 1/12 Pan CarNot too long ago the fine folks over at Calandra Racing Concepts introduced their all new 1/12 pan car, the CRC Carpet Knife Xti. While the Xti has been a huge success on the racing circuit, winning the IIC in Las Vegas, the Halloween Classic and the US Indoor Championships in Ohio, it had one major downside, it was too good. The Xti proved to be so nimble and aggressive that many drivers quibbled that it was just too much to handle. That is why CRC is released the new Altered Ego chassis. The Altered Ego is the Xti that you have grown to love with some geometry “alterations” to mellow the car, making it a bit more stable and providing a more locked feeling to the rear end. Three different pieces make up an Altered Ego, a new chassis, new rear lower plate and new rear upper plate.

With the Altered Ego parts, the car can be run inline or transverse, however, the geometry alterations do make for a tight fit between the 1s pack and the reversed servo in the inline configuration. We have have run the car inline and it is awesome. However, only the smaller sized speedos and receivers make this possible. In the transverse position, the car has a ton of room to mount electronics and lots of options to move the battery forward and back.


  • #3226 – Complete Altered Ego kit – $69.99
  • #3223 – Altered Ego Chassis Only – $49.99
  • #3224 – Altered Ego Bottom Plate – $19.99
  • #3225 – Altered Ego Rear Top Plate – $13.99
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