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CRC GTR Wheels and RT1 Rubber Tires

CRC GTR Wheels and RT1 Rubber TiresCalandra Racing Concepts announces the new CRC GTR Wheels and RT1 Rubber Tires designed for 1/10 scale oval pan cars, legends racers and F1 cars. No more truing, no more worrying about gear ratio and ride height changes due to tire wear, no chunked tires. Just bolt them on and go racing! The new CRC RT1 Rubber Tires are race proven to provide great grip on carpet and asphalt. The tires have many months of testing and provide excellent grip and handling on both low traction asphalt and high grip carpet. Under normal conditions, the tires show very little wear and no lap time degradation. The first run on these tires is no faster than the 30th run. They also respond very well to all the popular traction compounds.

The new CRC GTR Wheels are designed for rubber tire 1/10th scale pan car racing, both oval and road. They are direct bolt on for 1/10th cars. In the rear, they use the standard 4 bolt mounting pattern commonly used in oval and World GT. In the front, they use the normal 1/8 x 5/16″ bearing, again very common among the 1/10th oval and World GT cars. The mounted tires measure around 2.45″ diameter, most all pan cars can be adjusted to make the proposed 5mm ride height rule. These rims are also designed to mount the most popular F1 tires on the market including the Pit Shimizu, Tamiya TCS, and of course the new CRC RT1. The rims are designed for 2 types of scale looks including low profile GT type cars and large sidewall NASCAR and F1 scale looks. Standard offset makes it easy to mount and go!


  • 2310 – GTR wheels for rubber tires black – $10
  • 2311 – RT1 Front rubber tires w/insert pair – $21
  • 2312 – RT1 Rear rubber tires w/insert pair – $24
  • 2314 – RT1 Front tires on GTR 1/10th wheels
  • 2316 – RT1 Rear tires on GTR 1/10th wheels
  • 2320 – RT1 Front tires on F1 rims
  • 2322 – RT1 Rear tires on F1 rims


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