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CRC Gen-X R/T World GT-R Pan Car

CRC Gen-X R/T World GT-R Pan CarNew from the company that brought you rubber tire pan car racing is a new rubber tire specific 1/10th scale road racer, the new CRC Gen-X 10 R/T. The RT is a specific built World GT-R car designed around CRC’s GTR rims and RT-1 tires. The CRC Gen-X R/T has all the adjustments needed to dominate rubber tire RC pan car racing. High quality components, ease of use and a great low price. Already a multiple champion, the R/T has won the 2016 Snowbird Nationals as well as the Mile High Indoor Champs.


  • Slider rear pod for ride height adjustments with NO inserts or shims to lose or deal with.
  • Multiple battery positions and configurations; 1s inline, transverse, forward, middle and back. 2s shorty, saddle, square and full 2s stick.
  • Adjustable front and rear width
  • Adjustable wheel base
  • Adjustable shock position
  • Adjustable body mount positions
  • Adjustable ride height
  • The World Champion CRC Pro-Strut front end with roll center, camber, caster (dynamic and static) and spring rate adjustments.
  • Adjustable side spring tension
  • Adjustable twin tube damper system
  • Adjustable servo mount with EZ-center positioning
  • Full carbon lightweight Pro-diff axle
  • Full ball bearing
  • Both a carbon and foam front bumper
  • Adjustable front width using hole positions on the front end plates.
  • EZ-center servo mount – add servo and slide to center. Also shown are the wheel base adjustments in the front plate piece under the A-arms.
  • Multiple shock and battery positions – 1s, 2s, shorty, saddle, square and full stick.
  • CRC’s Slider Pod – Ride height adjustment without shims or inserts to lose.


  • Release Date: July 5, 2016
  • Part: 1810
  • Price: $250


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