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CRC Carpet Knife Xti 1/12th Pan Car

CRC Carpet Knife XtiIf you’ve ever witnessed 1/12 scale pan car racing then you surely know why many call it the Formula 1 of R/C racing. While it may seem there isn’t much to improve on the simple design of these cars the guys over at Calandra Racing Concepts (CRC) have proven that wrong yet again. Meet the new CRC Carpet Knife 1/12 pan car. Built on the winning heritage from the multiple time champion Gen-XL and Xi, the new Xti¬† from CRC elevates 1/12th scale racing to the next level offering new and exciting features. The Xti features true inline battery configuration with a full size 1s IFMAR/ROAR battery pack. Unlike some of the off-center “longitudinal battery pack designs” that have popped up, CRC’s true inline configuration yields total balance and symmetry. Also new on the Xti, CRC’s infinitely adjustable Slider Rear Pod. The Slider Pod is a full aluminum motor pod with infinitely adjustable rear ride height. The Xti continues with our dual damper tube design and leads the way with the best-in-class rear damper, the CRC Encore shock.

New Slider Pod
The Carpet Knife Xti features the CRC slider pod for infinite ride height adjustments. No longer are you bound by a set insert or notch. If you want 3 mm of ride height, loosen the 4 rear button heads, put the desired ride height spacer under the car, then let the axle drop allowing the rear wheels to touch the ground. The tighten the 4 button heads. Presto, desired ride height achieved!

Successful Debut
The new Xti had a very successful debut at the 1/12th World Championships. In it’s first outing, Marc Rheinard and Elliott Harper took the Xti to A-main podium finishes.

The CRC Xti can “transform” from inline to transverse. The Xti car is cross-pack ready with provisions to mount the battery across the back much like the Gen-Xi. In the transverse configuration, the Xti has all the adjustability of the Xi with over .5″ of battery movement, allowing you to greatly adjust the characteristics of the car. With the transverse configuration, you can mount the servo in the reverse position, or the traditional position behind the front end. There are mounting points for both servo positions and different servo types. In both configurations the Xti also has multiple shock locations for altering the weight transfer points.The optional transverse configuration kit comes complete with all the parts necessary to transform the Xti from inline to cross pack.

Part: 3210
Availability: Mid September
Price: $199.99

Source: CRC

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