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Cox Nissan GTP .049

cox-nissan-gtp-2Back in the early 90s, nitro engine manufacturer, Cox, released this awesome little RC car to the public. The Cox Nissan GTP was a 1/12 scale RC pan car featuring a tiny .049 nitro engine, light weight fiberglass chassis, independent coil spring front suspension and a set of foam race tires. Cox offered the car with and without a two channel Sidewinder pistol grip radio system, both of which came in kit form with just the rear axle and engine pre-assembled to the chassis.

Unlike most of today’s nitro RC cars, which feature either recoil pull start or electric starting systems, the Cox Nissan GTP featured a unique “zip” cord starter. What the heck is a zip cord starter? Well basically it was a long plastic piece with teeth on it and a handle at the end. You’d insert this toothed piece into a slot on the chassis, engaging the teeth on the “zip cord” with the teeth on the engine’s flywheel. A quick pull of the zip cord would spin the motor and you’d be on your way! It was a simple starting system for a car with a very simple construction, but it worked.

Also unlike most modern nitro engines, the Cox Nissan GTP’s .049″ engine had unique nitro glow heads which were like the head of your modern nitro engine with the glow plug built in. That meant that every time you needed to change the glow plug the engine head was changed too. Luckily the engine was small so the part didn’t cost that much. This design was the same on every engine Cox made during the period.

There are two versions of the Cox Nissan GTP. Early models featured a throttle ring exhaust while later models included a Maples throttle with plastic EGR tower. Cox also sold an .049 Indy Car version which utilized the same chassis and running gear with an Indycar body and large wing.


  • Scale: 1/12
  • Released: 1991
  • Price (MSRP): $160
  • Price (Street): $130
  • Length: 11.5”
  • Width: 6.75“
  • Wheelbase: 7.9”
  • Front Track: 5.5“
  • Rear Track: 5.5”
  • Weight: 1 lb, 6.1 oz
  • Front Wheels: 1.4“ x 0.9”
  • Rear Wheels: 1.4“ x 1.4”
  • Engine: Cox .049, nitro 2 stroke
  • Starting System: Zip cord pull start
  • Chassis: Pan type, fiberglass
  • Front Suspension: Beam type, coil spring, friction
  • Rear Suspension: T-plate
  • Brakes: Band style friction
  • Transmission: None, pinion and spur
  • Differential: Gear
  • Tires: Foam
  • Wheels: White plastic
  • Body: Clear polycarbonate
  • Radio: Sanwa Sidewinder AM, 27MHz, 2 channel


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