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Axial Yeti 2 Speed Transmission

Axial Yeti 2 Speed TransmissionIf you saw our post about the Axial Yeti kit back in December then you may remember reading that a Hi/Lo 2 speed transmission would soon be offered for the rock racer. Well, the Axial Yeti 2 speed transmission is now available! What’s great about this 2 speed kit is that it comes with a full set of heat treated hardened steel machined gears, plus an additional optional high speed gear, a full set of cartridge bearings, two different servo mounting options, a servo saver system and all necessary hardware to complete the installation. Gearing wise, first gear ends up a being a 2:1 reduction intended for slow technical crawls while the Hi Gear (28T) gear is based off the stock 1.08:1 ratio and Hi Gear Option (26T) increases top speed with a 0.93:1 ratio. Shifting between the gears can be done on the fly while driving from the convenience of your radio.

Steel Gears
Knowing the harsh environments this system is intended for; the goal was to produce a gear set strong enough to take on anything thrown at it. This lead to developing a steel gear set that has been hardened, heat-treated and machined to tight tolerances for optimum performance. The 2-speed gear slider features the same treatment as the gears along with having four-tooth engagement design for accurate and rapid gears shifts on the fly.

Supplied in the 2-speed kit is a full set of cartridge bearings (6), which is great because while you’ve got the transmission apart it makes for a great rebuild opportunity.

Servo Options
Actuating the Axial Yeti 2 Speed Transmission gear shifting can be done with either micro or standard sized servos thanks to the multiple mounts offered in the kit. It’s suggested to use a servo that features at least 80oz/in of torque to properly complete the shift. The Yeti 2 Speed Transmission kit features a servo saver design for increased servo longevity and two different servo horns (one long, one short) depending on servo used along with three inserts (23T, 24T, 25T) accommodating for various servo spline counts.

Hardware Included
Within the package all necessary hardware needed to complete the installation of the 2-Speed conversion into your Yeti transmission is supplied, including the servo mounting screws.


  • Release Date: Late September 2015
  • Part: AX31181
  • Price: $95


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