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Axial Wraith Spawn

Axial Wraith SpawnMeet the new Axial Wraith Spawn Rock Racer! This full bodied version of the Wraith retains many of the components that made this RC vehicle so popular with the addition of a new set of Method IFD beadlock wheels, waterproof ESC, waterproof receiver box, WB8 HD center splined driveshafts, a detailed driver figure with three helmet options, dual slipper clutch and, of course, that new Axial Spawn SUV body. Check out the pictures after the break.

Full Tube Composite Chassis
The Wraith Spawn 1/10th Scale Electric 4wd Rock Racer features a realistic full tube-frame chassis design that is manufactured with high strength composite materials. The Wraith is built to go fast and is not just a low speed rock crawler.

Realistic Details
The Axial Wraith Spawn includes a realistic driver figure complete with a race suit and three interchangeable helmets. A motocross, open skull-face or motorsport version of the helmet are included. Choose your favorite style! And, the Spawn body is compatible with Wraith, AX10 and SCX10 chassis.

Axial Spawn SUV Body
For this project, Axial wanted to create a body that had a classic feel with modern styling. Just as we have seen in the use of retro designs in the auto industry, with cars like the Dodge Challenger, we have also seen off-roaders use classic trucks in modern builds. To implement this idea, our Design and Marketing teams brainstormed and discussed some of our favorite trucks and SUVs from the late-70s and early-80s. Taking those vehicles into consideration, the Design team then studied the iconic styling cues of these vehicles and began sketching ideas. As a result, we developed those ideas and created a unique retro styled Axial SUV body – the Spawn.

Method IFD Beadlock Wheels
The Axial Wraith Spawn features a new set of officially licensed Method 12 spoke beadlock wheels dressed in an aggressive all black style are easy to assemble and they work with most 2.2 tires. The hub design allows this wheel to mount to any Wraith, AX10 Ridgecrest or SCX10. Our IFD™ (Interchangeable Face Design) wheel system makes it easy to dress it up with a new look.

WB8 HD Driveshafts
The Wraith Spawn includes a set of WB8 HD front and rear driveshafts featuring an updated design with a larger diameter cross pin (2x11mm) along with an M4 Screw Shaft (2mm hex drive) for added strength. A center splined slider floats between each end and features added material which reduces flex and fatigue.

Waterproof Receiver Box
The waterproof receiver box utilizes three different silicone seals: one for the antenna, one for the servo wires (includes three slots for three channels), and one acts as a gasket for the receiver box cover. No more stress when running in mud, water, or snow!

Dual Slipper Clutch
The Axial Wraith Spawn features a dual slipper clutch design which uses a pad on each side of the spur gear for added surface area. This allows for more precise tuning and holding power. The spur gear features strong, 32 pitch gearing for high torque applications.

Axial AR60 OCP Axles
True 4-wheel drive locked differentials are included for improved traction and an offset pumpkin provides more ground clearance and a better driveshaft angle. Additionally, the rear axle has been shaved of any unnecessary items and steering linkages that normally stick down have been removed for as much ground clearance as possible. The AR60 OCP-Axle is constructed from high strength composite material which has a low flex rate but is not as brittle as standard glass filled nylon. The Axial Wraith Spawn’s AR60 OCP-Axle tubes are reinforced and beefed up with a boxed-in axle truss to distribute stress over a larger area. The combination of our axles and a true 4-link suspension gives you optimal performance for any terrain with the look of a real 1:1 vehicle. A locked differential provides the most positive wheel traction in all off-road environments and conditions and requires less maintenance over oil-filled or silicone based differentials. These are easily serviced by removing four screws to gain access for rebuilding and performance tuning as well.

4 Link Suspension
The Wraith Spawn’s suspension geometry utilizes a 4-Link design which is optimized to reduce axle steer and to have the proper amount of anti-squat and roll characteristics. The 4-Link system also aids against suspension wrap-up in high power applications.

Oil Filled Shocks
Finding the right spring rate can be tough. Axial made it easy for you by including what we found to be the right balance of high speed and harsh terrain handling. The softer spring rate keeps the Wraith™ on course and ready for your next obstacle!

20t Brushed Motor
Tear up the terrain, be it flat out desert, rocky roads or crawling! Easy operation: no tuning, no fuel, no loud exhaust noise. Just plug’n’go! Our design allows for optional 550 size motors to fit as well.

Waterproof ESC
The Axial AE-5 ESC is 3S LiPo capable yet easily switched “in the field” between LiPO and NiMh battery types with a simple jumper – no more complex procedures.

2.4Ghz Radio
The Axial Wraith Spawn’s AX-3 2.4GHz transmitter is a two channel, pistol grip radio with servo reversing switches for steering and throttle, trim dials for fine tuning steering and throttle centers. The battery indicator light also lets you know when your transmitter batteries run low. The AR-3 2.4 GHz receiver uses no crystals so you’ll experience worry free driving with no frequency conflicts. This lightweight, compact, and bind button equipped receiver with LED indicator makes setup easy!

Water Resistant Servo
The included Tactic TSX45 metal gear servo is rated at 151 oz-in of torque for massive turning power and dual ball bearings provide smooth and precise movement for the metal gear train.


  • Length: 19.25″ (490mm)
  • Width: 11.2″ (285mm)
  • Height: 9.1″ (232mm)
  • Wheelbase: 14″ (355mm)
  • Ground Clearance: 2.8″ (72mm)
  • Weight: 5.45lbs (2.47kg)
  • Release Date: Late November
  • Part: AX90045
  • Price: $370


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  1. Hendricks

    With the right paint job that could be one bad ass truck. With that said, I’d rather Axial spent its time designing something totally new.

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