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Axial Deadbolt AX10 4wd RTR

Axial Deadbolt AX10 4wd RTRThe new Axial Deadbolt AX10 4wd RTR packs all of the speed and versatile crawling capabilities as its original AX10 counterpart and adds a custom body with a molded driver figure, three interchangeable heads and officially licensed Maxxis 2.2 Trepador tires giving the vehicle a more aggressive and scale look! Power is provided by a 20t motor and AE-2 ESC that’s mounted vertically to help shield it from dust and debris. The AX-3 2.4Ghz radio system and AS-3 metal gear servo gives you secure and precise control.

Axial Deadbolt

While the shaft-driven AX10 chassis made crawling available to the masses, the market was split into two categories; scale and competition. Axial answered both with the development of the SCX10 realistic metal c-channel frame which became the de-facto chassis for the scale scene, while the XR10 answered the call for a motor-on-axle competition rig and claimed the national title. Then, with a close eye on development within the full-size rock racing niche, Axial delivered the Wraith, further expanding the radio control crawling / rock racing categories.

Highly Versatile
Axial has not changed the original scope of the vehicle; the AX10 is still the “Leatherman” of the Axial product line and it’s where backyard fun begins. Axial taken key items from the seasoned product line and put them into the AX10, along with a tube style chassis that works as an expandable base platform for interchangeable bodies.

Three Helmet Designs
The Deadbolt includes a realistic driver figure complete with a race suit and three interchangeable helmets. A motocross, open skull-face or motorsport version of the helmet are included, choose your own style!

Wheels and Tires
Officially licensed Maxxis Trepador tires are mounted and pre-glued to 8-spoke Raceline Renegade wheels right from the factory. These are taller than our Ripsaw 2.2 tires which gives you more ground clearance, bump absorption and trail ruggedness for smooth, stable performance on your favorite trails. Pre-mounted 2.2 Raceline Renegade Wheels with 12mm hex mount which is reinforced with additional material and ribbing. Finished in all black for an aggressive look.

AR60 Axle
A locked differential provides the most positive wheel traction in all off-road environments and conditions and requires less maintenance over oil-filled or silicone based differentials. These are easily serviced by removing four screws to gain access for rebuilding and performance tuning as well.

WB8 Splined Driveshaft
Metal to metal universal joint driveshaft system with splined plastic slider. This design provides more durability than traditional driveshaft designs because it uses a screw shaft for a more positive lock to the output shaft.

4 Links Suspension
The suspension geometry utilizes a 4-Link design which is optimized to reduce axle steer and to have the proper amount of anti-squat and roll characteristics. The 4-Link system also aids against suspension wrap-up in high power applications.

Adjustable Coil Over Shocks
The shocks on the Axial Deadbolt feature tuned springs which help deliver maximum off-road performance. The shock bodies are oil filled which allow you to tune the dampening rate by replacing the oil with an optional weight. The chassis also allows for multiple shock positions for tunable performance.

Tube Style Chassis
The AX10 Deadbolt features a tube style chassis design that makes the truck more durable, lightweight and rigid. The universal dove-tailed bolt-in cage is made to fit rig bodies modified for maximum clearance. This cage works with AX04038 Jeep Wrangler Rock Racer Body and AX04039 AX10 Deadbolt Body.

Adjustable Electronics Tray
The battery tray and electronics mount are easily adjustable for a number of configurations – battery in the rear, in the forward position, upside down, etc. Each of these adjustments allow you to setup your AX10 for the best possible handling.

The transmission was designed to place the weight of the motor as low as possible to maintain a low CG (Center of Gravity). The ultra compact transmission doesn’t compromise performance because it also allows for a wide range of gearing choices. The overall ratio can be adjusted from 15:1 all the way up to 74:1 using different pinion/spur gear choices which allow for super high speed or to competition level crawling speed.

Heavy Duty Diff Locker
Made from strong sintered metal. Sintered metal provides superior metallurgical characteristics and can be manufactured with very tight tolerances. Adds weight where it’s needed in the axle. Simple one piece design. Reduces slop in the drivetrain by eliminating the need for a cross pin.

Easy Access Differential
A locked differential provides the most positive wheel traction in all off-road environments and conditions and requires less maintenance over oil-filled or silicone based differentials. These are easily serviced by removing four screws to gain access for rebuilding and performance tuning as well.

Slipper Clutch
The Axial Deadbolt AX10 features a slipper clutch which allows the motor to work more efficiently and greatly enhances the durability of the drivetrain allowing the transmission to slip in hard binds.

20t Motor
Tear up the terrain, be it flat out desert, rocky roads or crawling! Easy operation: no tuning, no fuel, no loud exhaust noise. Just plug ‘n’ go! Our design allows for optional 550 size motors to fit as well.

Vertically Mounted ESC
The AE-2 ESC is held in place vertically by a secure, clip-in style plastic mounting system just behind the radio box. Facing the rear of the truck helps keep debris and water away from the ESC.

ESC With Drag Brake
The Axial AE-2 ESC was developed in partnership with Castle Creations and features LiPo cutoff, drag brake for tough crawling situations, a Tamiya style plug connector and is programmable via Castle Link.

Protective Receiver Box
Designed to protect the electronics from some serious off-road dust and debris. Please visit our blog for more information on waterproofing electronics.

2.4Ghz Radio
The Deadbolt includes an AX-3 2.4GHz pistol grip radio with servo reversing switches for steering and throttle, trim dials for fine tuning steering and throttle centers. The battery indicator light also lets you know when your transmitter batteries run low.

3 Channel Receiver
The AR-3 2.4 GHz receiver uses no crystals so you’ll experience worry free driving with no frequency conflicts. This lightweight, compact, and bind button equipped receiver with LED indicator makes setup easy!

Metal Gear Servo
The AS-3 digital servo boasts 132oz of turning power, metal gears for durability and because it’s digital it precisely returns to center every time. And, this is all done efficiently because it uses less battery power than standard analog servos.


  • Wheelbase: 310mm (12.2″)
  • Length: 448mm (17.6″)
  • Width: 288mm (11.3″)
  • Height: 250mm (9.8″)
  • Ground Clearance: 76mm (3″)
  • Weight: 2.15kg (4.75lbs)
  • Release Date: Mid November
  • Part: AX90033
  • Price: $329


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2 Responses

  1. elon

    Damn I was really hoping for something new sadly its just another rebadge

  2. hardtime

    This is what the original ax10 should have looked like. Im loving that bronco body!

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