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Alpha Plus Ryan Lutz Edition .21 Engine

Alpha Plus Ryan Lutz Edition .21 EngineAs with full size automobile racing, in R/C racing most of the top drivers are sponsored by R/C parts manufacturers and get the opportunity to run the latest parts before anyone else. The nitro engine world is no different and if you’ve been following nitro buggy racing you’ve not doubt heard of Ryan Lutz. Well how do you compete against a guy like that when he is running some of the best engines in the world? How about buying the new Ryan Lutz Edition .21 engine from Alpha Plus. The Ryan Lutz Edition engine is based on Alpha’s A852 1/8 Buggy engine with the addition of a few performance improvements thanks to the on track R&D performed by Ryan himself!

Alpha Plus and Ryan Lutz have teamed together to produce “The Lutz Edition” Alpha Plus Engine. Based off the wildly popular A852 model from Alpha Plus, the Lutz Edition has a few performance and cosmetic tweaks that give it a one of a kind look and feel. It starts at the top with the in-your-face hot pink signature cooling head sure to make you and your race vehicle stand out at the track.

The new A852 engine from Alpha Plus brings some exciting new features to the table. On top of the super smooth linear power band that makes it an excellent engine for Buggy, it also has plenty of grunt to be a great Truggy engine as well. The new A852 has been lightened in the upper case region and also has a new head design which has an extra fin on it and also is lightened further as well, in total shaving valuable grams off one of the highest parts of your car! During testing the extra fin on the head showed to reduce engine head temperatures allowing the engine to be leaned out further for more performance and runtimes. The engine also comes with an updated carburetor which Alpha Plus has worked hard on perfecting. It provides easy tuning and an extremely smooth barrel pull, even when linkages aren’t set perfectly. All in all the new Alpha Plus A852 is the perfect engine for everyone, all the way from beginner to top level pro. The features and beauty of the engine speak for themselves!


  • Displacement: 3.45cc
  • Bore: 16.26mm
  • Stroke: 16.8mm
  • Practical RPM: 3,000-40,000
  • Output: 2.583ps@39,800rpm
  • Weight: 350g
  • Ports: 5+2
  • Sleeve: ABC
  • Crankshaft Diameter: 14mm
  • Glow Plug: Turbo
  • Carb: 8mm variable
  • Case: Aluminum

Source: Alpha Plus

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